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Triplefin Blennies

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Tripplefin, or threefin blennies have a dorsal fin which is separated into three parts, and the family name Tripterygiidae is derived from the Greek word 'tripteros' which means 'three wings'.

Generally this is a family of small fish, with most species below 6 cm in length. Tripplefin blennies have a similar form to other blennies, long body, wide, low set mouth, large, high set eyes and large pectoral fins.

This family are territorial fish, and active during the day. Many species differ in colour between male and female, with the females being generally drab, and the males much more brightly coloured.

Tripplefin blennies usually live on hard surfaces, on rocks or hard corals and are typically found in shallow, clear waters. They are shy fish and will retreat quickly to protective rocky or coral crevices if feeling threatened. They mostly feed on small invertebrates.

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Neon Triplefin

(Helcogramma striata)

Neon Triplefin (Helcogramma striata)

Helcogramma striata @ Koh Bida

The Neon Triplefin, also known as the Striped Triplefin, has a red upper body and a white lower body/belly. There are 2 to 3 white or bluish horizontal stripes. The iris is yellow, and there may be small white or yellowish spots on the face and forehead.

The Neon Triplefin grows ro 5 cm, but usually observed around 2 cm - 3 cm. This species is frequently found in small groups on the top of shallow hard corals, in, or close to sunlight.

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