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Koh Lanta Private Boat Charter

A Perfect Day In Paradise

The Ultimate Trip

A Koh Lanta private boat charter offers a unique scuba diving or snorkeling experience to some of the most breath-taking islands and coral reefs in the Andaman Sea.

Whether scuba diving or snorkeling from Koh Lanta, you can choose the private boat charter option that suits you and your group.

Koh Lanta Private Boat Charter

Our speed boats are available for private trips from late October until mid May each season and we will be very happy to create a custom trip for you, your friends, family or diving club while you're here on Lanta.

You can even take a scuba diving course on a private charter trip.

Paradise Islands

Once you've told us some details about you and your group, and whether you prefer diving, snorkeling, or a combination of both, we can suggest the most suitable island destinations.

Koh Rok Private Boat Charter

Here's a quick rundown on some of the more popular choices for private boat charters on Lanta:

  1. Koh Haa - this island group has excellent marine life and extensive coral reefs. Diving and snorkeling conditions are usually very good and we can normally expect good visibility and plenty to see in the water. There are not really any beaches here to swim ashore, which means the day would be centered around the boat.
  2. Koh Rok - these two islands are very popular, much larger than Koh Haa or the Bida islands, with plenty of different spots to dive and snorkel. We can also stop on the beach for lunch, snorkeling, or try-diving, either at a deserted beach on Koh Rok Noi, or at the national park station on Koh Rok Yai.
  3. Koh Bida and Koh Phi Phi - there are some fantastic dive sites here, and whilst snorkeling can sometimes be great, overall, these islands are better for diving. Surface conditions at the best dive sites can be very sensitive to the weather and sea conditions (i.e. fine for diving, not so great for snorkeling).
  4. For more experienced divers, we can arrange a private charter from Koh Lanta to any of Koh Haa, Koh Bida/Phi Phi, the HTMS Kledkaeo Wreck, Shark Point & Anemone Reef, and of course, Hin Daeng & Hin Muang.

Find out more about the Mu Koh Lanta National Park.

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Koh Lanta Private Boat Charter - Beach Pickups

If your resort or villa is located at the beach on the north west of Koh Lanta, we can send our speed boat to pick you up directly at your resort, as long as there is a safe access at the beach for our boat.

For areas away from the beach, or with a rocky beach area, we will provide free transport by road to a suitable beach departure location.

Our Speed Boats

Our custom-designed speed boats are around 11 m in length, and are fully equipped with everything you need, including a western-style toilet, a fresh water shower, first aid kit, medical oxygen and life jackets for everyone on board.

Koh Lanta Diving with Dive & Relax

Private Boat Charters from Koh Lanta always include professional dive and snorkel guides. All our staff, including the boat crews are trained in emergency first aid and sea rescue techniques.

On board we will supply unlimited soft drinks all day, a delicious Thai food lunch with steamed rice and four different dishes, two chicken, and two vegetarian. Fresh fruit is served for the trip back to Lanta.

Try Scuba Diving on a Private Boat Charter

If you want to try scuba diving on Lanta, you can include this in a private charter day trip. Simply tell us at the time of booking and we will check a few health questions with you to make sure you're safe to dive.

Koh Lanta Private Boat Charter with Dive & Relax

Experienced dive instructors will look after you, providing a thorough pre-dive briefing, and teaching some important scuba skills in shallow water before you head off to explore the coral reefs.

How to Book a Private Boat Charter on Lanta?

Send us an email to info@diveandrelax.com and let us know how many people in your group, their ages, when you will arrive on Koh Lanta, where you plan to stay, and which activities you are interested in.

We can then send more information and private charter prices, including details of marine park fees.

For all private charter bookings, we need to meet everyone the day before the trip at our dive shop on Koh Lanta @ Lanta Castaway Beach Resort, before 5pm, to complete the paperwork, check equipment sizes and confirm arrangements for the following day.

With regards to payment, for full boat charter we require a deposit of 50% in advance, with the balance payable in full at least one day before your trip. Prices start at 24,750 Baht per day.

Book online to save 10% on dive trips and scuba courses on Koh Lanta.

Minimum Age & Non-Swimmers

Please note that the minimum age on a private charter trip is 6 years old. We do not accept any persons on a private charter trip below the age of 6 years old.

For safety reasons, unfortunately we are unable to accept any non-swimmers on our boats.


Dive Trips & Scuba Courses

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