Scuba Refresher on Koh Lanta

Update your Scuba Skills

Get back in the water here on Koh Lanta

If you have a diving certification and have not dived for a while then we can help you get back into the water with a Light Scuba Skills Refresher.

Start diving again, with a Scuba Skills Refresh on Koh Lanta

Keeping your knowledge and skills up to date is a very important part of diving safely. Over time however, skills and knowledge are forgotten, resulting in problems remembering how to check equipment properly, taking a long time to descend, equalising ears, properly adjusting buoyancy and so on.

Do I Need a Scuba Skills Refresher?

You may be surprised by what you have forgotten, and our team of professional and friendly staff will be more than happy to bring you back to the underwater world.

We aim to create a safe environment for diving and to do this, we recommend taking a refresher if you have not dived for some time:

  • Did not dive for 6 months or more? you have less than 10 dives? you should consider a refresher.
  • Did not dive for 1 year or more? you have less than 25 dives? you should consider a refresher.
  • Did not dive for 2 years or more? you have less than 100 dives? you should consider a refresher.
  • Did not dive for 3 years or more? you should consider a refresher.

Why refreshers are essential after a break from diving.

Where will I do a Scuba Skills Refresher on Lanta?

There are many suitable dive sites for a Scuba Skills Refresher, such as the Koh Haa Islands, Koh Rok, or The Bida Islands for example.

If your dive skills are looking good and our staff agree then you can also book a dive to the further away and more challenging dive sites of Hin Daeng & Hin Muang (depends on previous dive experience).

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What is a Light Scuba Skills Refresh?

Our Light Scuba Skills Refresh/Check Dive incorporates a refresher into a day trip (2 dives) to one of our local dive sites.

  • Quick theory review the day before diving.
  • Extended pre-dive briefing, including skills such as mask and regulator clearing, out-of-air, buoyancy, etc.
  • Equipment preparation and checking.
  • Skills review in shallow water at the start of the first dive.
  • Ask us for help with any area of diving where you feel less confident.

What is a Full Scuba Skills Refresh?

For those of you who have not been diving for a long time, or those with just a few dives who are lacking confidence, we can offer a Full Scuba Review in a swimming pool or confined water where we review all of the skills learned in the Open Water Diver course. This is usually done one or two days before your first dives from the boat.

  • Theory review.
  • Equipment preparation and checking, including Buddy Checks.
  • Entry, exit and safe ascent techniques, including deploy an SMB.
  • Mask clearing, removal, swim without mask.
  • Regulator remove/replace, recovery and alternate air source use.
  • Buoyancy skills and proper weighting.
  • Equipment remove and replace in-water, how to handle equipment failure.
  • How to help your buddy - tired diver and cramp removal.
  • Ask us for help with any area of diving where you feel less confident.