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Emergency First Response Koh Lanta

Confidence During an Emergency

Help Save a Life

Take the Emergency First Response course here on Koh Lanta and prepare yourself for the challenging Rescue Diver course on Koh Lanta.

As you become a more experienced diver, it's important that you also expand your knowledge and skills. Dealing with problems, and learning you to help both yourself, and others, is a key part of becoming a more experienced, knowledgeable, and safe diver.

A key part of being able to help other people is being able to provide emergency first aid to an injured or sick person.

EFR Emergency First Response on Koh Lanta

This is even more important when diving, often in remote areas with no emergency healthcare or hospitals close by.

What's Involved ?

The Emergency First Response (EFR) course teaches divers how to deal with life threatening problems, and how to keep someone alive until professional medical help arrives.

In the first part of the course, Primary Care, you'll learn how to assess life threatening injuries. This includes learning how to maintain an open airway, provide CPR, deal with serious bleeding, shock and spinal injuries.

The second part of the course, Secondary Care, teaches you how to provide care for those who aren't in a life threatening situation, including injury and illness assessment, pending the arrival of professional medical assistance.

If the EFR course is taken along with the PADI Rescue Diver course on Koh Lanta. We will also teach you how to correctly prepare medical oxygen equipment and how to effectively administer medical oxygen to patients.

How to take the Emergency First Response course on Koh Lanta?

The EFR course can normally be completed in a half day, and is normally taught at our dive shop on Koh Lanta @ Lanta Castaway Beach Resort by one of our highly experienced instructors.

You can also combine the EFR course with the Rescue Diver course, making a total of 3 days of very rewarding hard work.

If you already hold an equivalent emergency first aid certificate from another organisation, you can begin the Rescue Diver course immediately.

Dive Course Online Price Walk-In Price
Emergency First Response(0.5 days, 0 dives) ฿5,040 ฿5,600
Rescue Diver(3 days, 2 dives) ฿13,050 ฿14,500
EFR & PADI Rescue Diver Combined(3 days, 2 dives) ฿16,560 ฿18,400
  • Includes free equipment rental, lunch and soft drinks on the boat.
  • Includes PADI Digital Manual and PADI Certification.
  • Does not include Marine Park Diving Fee: Adult ฿600 per day.

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Are you Fit to Dive?

Whilst scuba diving is a very safe activity, it is important to know that you are fit to dive and that you do not have any fitness or medical conditions that could increase your risk of an accident underwater.

If you answer 'yes' to any of the medical questions, please print the entire form and take to your family doctor who will assess your fitness to dive and issue a medical statement which we must see before you start diving.

Find out more with the UK based Diving Diseases Research Centre.

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