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Stichopodidae Sea Cucumbers


Holothuriidae Sea Cucumbers Cushion Stars and Allies

Stichopodidae Sea Cucumbers have a squarish cross-section, are flat on the underside, and many members of this family are edible and harvested for restaurants. These sea cucumbers often have prominent, thick, cone-shaped projections on the body, and are found on sand or rubble close the reef edge.

The mouth of a Stichopodidae Sea Cucumbers is surrounded by 20 flat, circular tentacles with the stalk attached to the center of the lower surface, which defines the members of this family.

4 species found on this page.

Greenfish Sea Cucumber

Stichopus chloronotus

Greenfish Sea Cucumber (Stichopus chloronotus) @ Koh Rok

Stichopus chloronotus @ Koh Rok

The Greenfish Sea Cucumber has a very dark black-green, square body. There are large, orange-tipped papillae (fleshy growths) running along the edges of the body square, and smaller growths on the sides of the body.

The Greenfish Sea Cucumber grows to 35 cm, but more usually observed around 15 cm, and can be found in sandy, rocky and rubble bottoms close to coral rich areas.

Herrmann's Sea Cucumber

Stichopus herrmanni

Herrmann's Sea Cucumber has a variable sandy brown to grey-green-brown colour, many small bumps and orange-brown thorns on the body (papillae). The body is generally cylindrical, but with a flat underside. The mouth has 8 - 16 feeding tentacles, and movement is aided many short tube feet on the underside.

Herrmann's Sea Cucumber (Stichopus herrmanni) @ Koh Haa

Stichopus herrmanni @ Koh Haa

Herrmann's Sea Cucumber grows to 50 cm, but more often observed 20 cm - 30 cm and can be found over sand and rubble areas around Koh Haa, generally a short distance from rich coral areas.

Herrmann's Sea Cucumber (Stichopus herrmanni) @ Koh Haa

Herrmann's Sea Cucumber @ Koh Haa

Pineapple Sea Cucumber

Thelenota ananas

Pineapple Sea Cucumber (Thelenota ananas) @ Koh Haa

Thelenota ananas @ Koh Haa

The Pineapple Sea Cucumber has a brownish to reddish body with many papillae (fleshy body outgrowths), some short, and others long and branched, often in clumps.

The body is generally roundish, with many papillae and tube-like feet along the lower edges.

The Pineapple Sea Cucumber grows to 70 cm, but most usually observed 30 cm - 40 cm around sand and rubble bottom close to coral rich areas.

Amberfish Sea Cucumber

Thelenota anax

Amberfish Sea Cucumber (Thelenota anax)

Thelenota anax @ Koh Haa

The Amberfish Sea Cucumber has a long rectangular body with a thin crease along the top and sides of the body.

The body is light coloured and slightly mottled in shades of brown. The body is covered with many small papillae.

The Amberfish Sea Cucumber grows to 90 cm and is not often seen at the dive sites around Koh Lanta.

Amberfish Sea Cucumber (Thelenota anax)

Thelenota anax @ Koh Haa

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