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Seamoths are a very unusual family of small, bottom dwelling fish. Seamoths have flattened bodies, large, wing-like pectoral fins, a long snout and the body is completely encased in fused, bony plates. The pectoral fin rays are connected with broad, transparent membranes, and they are capable of rapid colour change to match the surrounding environment. The tail fin is fan-like.

Generally, seamoths have light to dark brown, olive-brown, reddish brown, or almost black head and body. The pectoral fins ('wings') have a broad white outer margin and rows of small brown spots. The pectoral fins are used to 'walk' on the seafloor, and seamoths are rarely observed free swimming.

Seamoths can form their mouths into a tube-like shape to suck worms and crustaceans from burrows.

Males and females form close long-term pair bonds, and spawning takes place in open water near the surface.

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Dragon Seamoth

Eurypegasus draconis

Dragon Seamoth (Eurypegasus draconis) @ Koh Haa

Eurypegasus draconis @ Koh Haa

The dragon seamoth, also known as the ?little dragonfish? or the ?short dragonfish? can grow up to 10 cm in length.

These hard to spot species are highly variable in colour pattern and extremely well-camouflaged to resemble pieces of shell or rubble.

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