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Velvetfish are a family of small fish with a velvet-textured skin. They are generally compressed with small pelvic fins and some also have venomous spines. These fish are in the same super family as the scorpionfish, waspfish, stonefish and lionfish.

Velvetfish have a long dorsal fin that begins far forward on the head, running all the way to the tail fin.

These fish are extremely well-camouflaged ambush predators, living amongst algae or rubble, on or near rocky and coral reefs.

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Ghost Velvetfish

Cocotropus larvatus

Ghost Velvetfish (Cocotropus larvatus) @ Koh Haa

Cocotropus larvatus @ Koh Haa

The ghost velvetfish is very rarely seen in the southern Andaman Sea and is a very well camouflaged species hiding in rocky or coral crevices or on sandy/rubble areas of the reef.

This fish grows to around 7 cm - 8 cm and has a very compressed (thin) body.

The ghost velvetfish colour varies from pale greyish to brownish, with brown spots on the head, snout, and fins. The dorsal fin begins above the middle of the eye and has 13 bony spines.

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